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Packing boxesAt American Family Van Lines, Movers Portland, OR., we know that as much as you may love the new house, the new apartment, the new job, the new location and all that, there is one big problem standing in the way of all this bliss and happiness. Moving! And regardless of whether you are leaving the Portland area on a long distance move across country or just moving across town, moving is still moving!

We know that packing up all your belongings and establishing a new residence is not only exciting but also perhaps one of the most dreaded human events. Some even say that a root canal pales in comparison.

Not only is moving extremely exhausting, but it can be downright overwhelming. You have to coordinate schedules, handle utilities, pack everything you own, and try to do it with as little disruption as possible to you, your family and your job.

And if you decide to go the DIY way, there are several options available to you. Such as bribing your extended family with beer, pizza and even money to help you out or deciding to take it on all by your lonesome.

Or, you could hire some day workers to help with packing and loading. Either option, although viable, is risky as well.

For one, friends can be highly unreliable and two, hiring unskilled workers probably won’t care about your belongings as much as you do. And in the end, you will still end up doing the majority of the work yourself.

With everything else going on, it is no wonder that stress levels go through the roof! That’s why it can be a smart idea to let a professional moving company like us handle everything for you. In fact, we are not just any Portland moving company, we are American Family Van Lines at your service! We have built our reputation on years of caring for your prized possessions as much as you do! Let us care for you and your family as well!

Top 10 Reasons Why Hiring A Portland Moving Company Makes Sense


We Are Professional Portland, OR. Local and Long Distance Movers

This may not mean much to some people, but when you are stuck with a 10 foot couch that just won’t be maneuvered up or down the stairs, you will understand why you need a professional mover. Professional moving companies hire the most experienced and logistically savvy individuals. These individuals know how to get your furniture and belongings in and out of some near impossible positions. They will get you where you are going in one piece and without the stress that comes with it.

Full-service From Door To Door

movers with boxesProfessional moving companies make sure that you are boxed up, moved to the location and settled in before they pack up and move on to the next client. With a full-service crew, you will not only get the truck, but you will also get the heavy lifting. All you have to do is give direction on where within your new living room you want that couch to go.

Experienced Professional Packing And Loading

Professional movers offer excellent padding and stretch wrap packing for all your valuables. Whereas family members and friends could unintentionally wind up breaking your Grandma’s valued China, professional movers take extra care not to do any of that. For starters, they insure everything associated with the move and plus they have the packing skills and know-how to ensure that everything is safely packed.


During the move, it is difficult to take time and take in the sights on your way up to the new location when you have an entire household in tow. The stress alone of dragging your worldly belongings with you on the road will make the whole experience exceptionally inconveniencing. Moving companies go towards saving you from all this stress. All you have to do is sign a contract, say when and where you want your belongings moved and that is it. You can enjoy the drive up with your family without worrying about your belongings. You will find them already there.

We Free You Up For Other Things

Moving involves a lot of other different aspects. Especially if you have a family. It means finding new schools, checking out the shopping centers, finding new doctors and such. All of which will be put on a back burner if you have to worry about the associated moving logistics. However, if you use a professional moving company, you do not have to worry about the moving logistics. Instead, you can use that time and brain space to check out other things, like schools and restaurants.

We Are Cost Effective

Although most people think that using a professional moving service is an added expense, it really isn’t if you look at the big picture. A moving company comes with intact labor, moving materials and truck/s. If you decide to do it yourself, not only will you have to buy all the necessary packing materials, hire a moving truck anyway and pay for the labor separately. Having it all in one package is much more cost effective.

We Offer Safe Delivery Across Town Or Across Country

American_Family_Van_Lines_moving_vanHauling all your worldly belongings with you across the country might not be the safest of ventures. Although it is not likely, there are still some highway bandits roaming about looking for easy pickings. Using a moving company mitigates this risk. Not only do these people know how to safely transport your belongings, but they have safety measures put in place in case of robbery or attempted robbery. Your belongings are much safer in the hands of a professional moving company.

Other Portland Moving Companies Cannot Compare To Our Dedicated Customer Service

American Family Van Line members have dedicated customer service agents assigned to your move. Not only do they offer advice on how you can safely move, but they are best equipped to tell you a bit about where you are moving to. They can offer some wonderful insights on things to see and do in your new location. That and they are always ready to answer any questions you may have appertaining to your particular move.

Peace Of Mind

Letting someone else handle a huge chunk of the stress associated with moving frees you up and gives you peace of mind. At least this way you know that your things will get where you want them to when you want them to. You do not have to worry about packing them and dragging them all the way up with you.

Simple Booking Process

Hiring a professional moving company is not a complicated procedure. All you have to do is call us, let us give you a quote and schedule your moving date. After that, you can just sit back and wait for the professionals to handle the big move for you. And, should you need any clarifications or any questions asked, you can always call your professional customer service team that is there to cater to your every need.

Give American Family Van Lines a call first before you consider other Movers in Portland, Oregon. You will be glad you did! By hiring a us, you can sit back and relax and maybe even enjoy the whole process, which makes the idea of moving as pleasant and as exciting as it should be!


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